Trouble des nerfs

Pain and numbness in feet – Upper Cervical help

Date: Feb 11, 2021
INTRODUCTION        Have you ever felt your feet numb when you cross your legs for too long? If yes then no need to worry. But if it occurs very frequently following tingling and pain in your feet then upper cervical chiropractic can help you in this regard. Tingling or numbness ...
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Nerve pain treated by upper cervical chiropractic

Date: Feb 6, 2021
A healthy nervous system is crucial for the healthy working of a body. If in any case, any part of the spine is misaligned, it tweaks the nerves coming out of the spinal cord which results in inappropriate functioning and pain of the relevant body part. Neck pain is an outcome ...
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Can Upper Cervical Help Spasticity Symptoms?

Date: Nov 30, 2020
Spasticity symptoms can take a toll on a person rather quickly. Spasticity is a condition in which the muscles remain contracted and resist being stretched as they stiffen and tighten. This can easily affect the person’s speech, how they walk, and other normal movements. The cause of spasticity is from damage ...
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A Natural Nerve Damage Treatment with Upper Cervical

Date: Nov 4, 2020
Nerve damage can be quite scary and sometimes nerve damage treatment options can be even scarier. However, this does not mean your nerve damage is permanent and luckily there is an all-natural nerve damage treatment option available that is safe for any age and allows the underlying cause of your ...
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How to Naturally Treat Brachioradial Pruritus

Date: Oct 26, 2020
Your brachioradialis is the muscle located in the lower part of your arm and this muscle helps your arm bent at the elbow. Brachioradial pruritus is a nerve disorder that typically affects both arms, but it may occur in only one for some. Brachioradial pruritus is more common in women, affecting ...
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Upper Cervical and Transient Tic Disorder

Date: Oct 19, 2020
A transient tic disorder is a condition that causes one or many involuntary briefs, repeated, movements, or noises. These tics, movements or noises, can be either vocal or motor and interfere with daily activities and quality of life.    What Causes Transient Tic Disorder? While there is no known cause of transient tic ...
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