Améliorations des vertiges après les ajustements cervicaux supérieurs

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Dizziness leaves a person to feel as if their surroundings arespinning, cause one to lose their balance and increase their riskof falling; it gives a person a feeling of lightheadedness,unsteadiness, and wooziness. Patients who describe their dizzinessto feel as if they are moving, spinning, tilting, whirling,swaying, or floating have sensations known as vertigo.

There are more than 4 out of 10 people who experience an episodesubstantial enough to see a doctor. While many doctors recommendmedications, dizziness patients undergoing chiropractic treatmenthave reported their dizziness to be reduced significantly afterjust a few adjustments while others report having their dizzinessno longer returning.

Dizziness patients undergoing chiropractic treatment can seeresults as soon as one upper cervical adjustment; this is due tothe link between dizziness and your upper cervical spine.

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What is Dizziness Caused by?

For your body to feel balanced, the brain relies on inputdirected from your eyes, muscles, joints, and inner ear. Althoughdizziness itself is usually not serious, it does increase the riskof falling (dangerous for those who are older) and could be causedby a problem within the brain, heart, or inner ear. 

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Inner ear disorders are the most common causes of dizziness.Inner ear disorders include the following:

  • Meniere’s Syndrome - A disorder of theinner ear that causes vertigo (severe dizziness that can lastanywhere from a few minutes to about 24 hours), loss of balance,headaches, loss of hearing, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), andaural fullness (feeling as if the ear is congested or plugged).Extreme vertigo from Meniere’s syndrome can cause nausea, vomiting,and sweating.
  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo- Also known as BPPV, Benign Paroxysmal PositionalVertigo is a common cause of dizziness and causes brief mild tointense episodes of dizziness.
  • Vestibular Neuritis (Labyrinthitis) - A disorder that affectsthe vestibulocochlear nerve. The vestibulocochlear nerve is a nervein the inner ear and the disorder can cause a person to experiencesudden severe vertigo, balance difficulties, vomiting, dizziness,nausea, and difficulty in concentrating.
  • Acoustic Neuroma - A noncancerous growthon the eighth cranial nerve (the vestibulocochlear nerve). Thevestibulocochlear nerve links the inner ear to the brain andconsists of two different parts: one part transmits sounds and theother sends balance information from the inner ear to the brain.The pressure from the growth could cause hearing loss andimbalance.

Many dizziness patients undergoing chiropractic treatment thathas seen great improvement after upper cervical adjustments havebeen diagnosed with the above disorders. Other causes of dizzinesscould be from medication or alcohol consumption. 

Medications are a very common cause of dizziness and can includecarbamazepine and phenytoin (prescribed to treat seizuredisorders), sedating drugs or antidepressants (drugs that help calmpeople or sleep), and even medications prescribed for inner earinfections (such as gentamicin and streptomycin).

Medications can suppress the vestibular system in a way thatcauses the user to experience dizziness or imbalance. Antibioticsknown as aminoglycosides may lead to permanent vertigo as they aretoxic to the inner ear.

Unlike medications, upper cervical adjustments for dizzinesspatients undergoing chiropractic treatment are gentle and free fromside effects, providing dizziness patients with a great naturalalternative.

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The other cause of dizziness, alcohol consumption, causesimbalance by changing the volume and arrangement of the fluid inthe inner ear. The fluid in the inner ear absorbs alcohol and staysthere, even when alcohol is no longer present in the brain orblood.


A Natural Dizziness Treatment

Dizziness patients undergoing chiropractic treatment with uppercervical adjustments find many benefits while staying away frommedication. Not only does the medication come with numerous sideeffects, but it does not help in treating the actual cause of yourdizziness. Medications are used to make patients feel comfortableby eliminating or reducing their symptoms temporarily.

For dizziness patients undergoing chiropractic treatment, theycan feel an improvement in not only their symptoms, but theoccurrence (or elimination) of their dizziness, and the results canbe permanent.

Adjustments for dizziness patients undergoing chiropractictreatment target the cause of their dizziness which in turn reducesthe dizziness significantly and can eliminate dizzinesscompletely.

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Upper cervical chiropractic adjustments targetthe top two bones of your spine, located in your upper cervicalarea. The two bones in your upper cervical area are set right underthe base of your skull and their purpose is to hold up the head,provide mobility in the neck, and protect your brain stem.

The brain stem allows communication to flow from the brain tothe body and is very important for your automatic bodily functions.When any of the top two bones are misaligned, they can applypressure onto the brain stem and distort the communication; thiscauses many issues to arise within the body.


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