Désalignements de l'axe de l'Atlas (c-1) (c-2) : un facteur contributif sous-jacent au syndrome de fatigue chronique

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The deep underlying causes of depression, fatigue, and the lack of enthusiasm for life can all be attributed to childhood trauma. Trauma to the upper cervical spine can cause the atlas vertebra to misalign from its normal position thereby causing interference to normal neurological function.  

Atlas (C1) and Axis (c2) are two such conditions that are caused by trauma. Later on, in life, they may propagate to become a chronic disease Fatigue syndrome.

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This happens when the atlas vertebra goes out of alignment and causes the patient many disturbing symptoms.

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The details of this condition, its causes, and treatment are as follows:


What is Atlas Vertebra?

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The atlas cervical vertebra(c1) consists of head joints while the second cervical vertebra axis (c2) helps head joint movements. Usually, this helps the head in tilting and moving positions.

This portion not just helps the movement but also provides support to the overall spine.


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In the misalignment of Atlas Vertebra, its position is somehow shifted. This causes the entire spine to become distorted, leaving the patient in immense pain and a bad posture.

Further, it becomes the root cause of a lot of fatal orthopedic conditions, ruining the overall health of the body.

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The misalignment to atlas vertebrae distorts the center of gravity of the head. It may feel as if a weight of over 6 kilograms has been placed over the head, making it move forward. 

Consequently, this will make the posture poor. It also develops into other harmful diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, pain in jaws, Scoliosis and may even cause misalignment in the pelvis.


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Several causes have been discovered for this disease over time. 

  • Genetics  - Most commonly it is caused by genetics. Birth deformities can not be ignored when searching for a cause either. It may or may not be hereditary. 
  • Fatal injury  - Injuries are also responsible for the misalignment of atlas vertebrae. The injuries which impact the upper part of the spine are particular reasons for this.
  • Screen exposure - Some reasons are serious while others are rather simple. Exposure to screen for an extended period can also cause this misalignment. 
  • The wrong posture - Keeping your head forward and working in a bad posture can be responsible for this condition. 
  • Vulture’s neck - Having a one-sided posture is also dangerous as it may disturb your neck and shoulder areas by causing them tenseness. This can lead to the development of a condition called Vulture' Neck. This condition is also rather painful.
  • Mental health issues - Depression, trauma, and stress can be contributing factors for a misaligned spine.

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Numerous symptoms accompany this agonizing condition. Some of these are related to posture and spine while others are widespread in the entire body. Such symptoms include:

  • Neck pain - Neck pain is inevitable in this condition since we are talking about neck and head joints. When the misalignment disturbs the posture, the neck faces tension that results in pain.
  • Back pain  - Misalignment of the spine is the reason behind this condition. When the spine is at the back, it is natural that the back will be subjected to shooting pains up and down the spine.
  • Headaches - Headaches and migraines are the worst in this condition. The head feels immense weight over it causing, first tilting then tension, and then pain. Loosening muscles is important to relieve headaches temporarily. 
  • Dizziness nausea - People suffering from atlas vertebrae misalignment are subjected to loss of balance. They experience dizziness and nausea more often than normally aligned people.
  • Stiff muscles - Since one area is influenced by the spine, all muscles face pain and stiffness. This is because everything is connected to the spine. 
  • Jaw pain  - Pain in the jaws is another common symptom experienced by patients in this condition.



The worst thing that is caused by the atlas vertebrae misalignment is not its symptoms. Rather it provides a base for the development of another fatal illness, The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

This condition is marked with extreme body pains and is further characterized by insomnia, muscular pain, migraine, sore throat, and mental damage.

But how is it relevant to atlas vertebrae misalignment?

One important theory connects this sickness with Atlas Vertebrae. It has been theorized that due to poor spinal alignment the nervous system is disturbed. 

This impacts the brain and other body organs which can not send or receive messages via spinal nerves. 

This provides the foundation for chronic Fatigue syndrome.  



Having the right doctor is significant to the proper treatment of this unfortunate disease. This makes bearing the pain easier and coming back to life faster. 

In case you are disturbed by any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you can always opt to exercise first. 

Our chiropractors prescribe such exercises which you can conveniently do at home. The best thing about exercises is that they are healthier and have no side effects as compared to medication.

According to research, most people have a shifted atlas that can cause problems in the future. To avoid that we suggest spinal movement exercises at the proper rate and time. 



With the above information, you can self-diagnose your problem. After that, you can proceed with treatment. The treatment suggested by our chiropractors is both efficient as well as natural. So making an informed decision regarding your condition is crucial. Do not waste time and treat your condition before it's late.

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