Is There Natural ADHD Treatment to Help Adults Focus at Home?

Posted in Head Disorders on Feb 27, 2021

Do you have trouble focusing on tasks? During a pandemic, it’salready hard to make up our own schedules for us to stick tostrictly without someone looking over to make sure we stay on task.Those who have ADHD? It can be much harder.

There are some good tricks to help adults with ADHD, butsometimes tricks just aren’t enough – especially when you stillhave a family or your own mental health to take care of.

In this article, we will go over some tricks that are helpful toadults with ADHD; however, to help reduce symptoms associated withADHD, there is a natural treatment often overlooked we would liketo bring to light.

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What Helps With ADHD at Home?

Adults with ADHD can become easily frustrated and find itdifficult to find the motivation to do what needs to be done. Weall have our own daily list and goals we want to accomplish, butfor an adult with ADHD, sometimes even the simplest things are notthat simple.

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  • Create a sense of urgency. A good trick to helpan adult with ADHD is to make up a sense of urgency – using what iscalled the Pomodoro technique. This is when you set a timer for 25minutes, focus on completing a task in that amount of time, restfor 5 minutes, and then focus again for another 25. This helps youstay focused without feeling “worn out” by giving you 5-minutebreaks in between. After doing four sets of 25 minutes, you arerewarded with a 30-minute break. Sometimes trying to dedicate“hours” to work without a break can weaken your focus.

  • Relax. Yoga or tai chi can help your mind slowdown and taking this time to slow down and clear your mind can makeyou more productive and focused after.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s important tonot beat yourself up. Being negative to yourself can make it evenharder for you to feel motivated or focused to do anything. ADHDcan cause you to have anxiety and emotional outbursts, so it isimportant to stay positive and give yourself away to feelaccomplished – such as a small reward for yourself for completing atask or staying focused for those 25-minutes, like a small snackyou enjoy. Celebrate your small successes.
  • Turn your task or work into a game. Giveyourself small, exciting challenges like “Let’s see how muchlaundry I can fold in 5 minutes!” Feeling unmotivated is a hugeissue for adults with ADHD so turning your tasks or workaround intoa more enjoyable thing to do can help you overcome this frustratingobstacle. Get creative and think up interesting ways to change itup.


What are Common Symptoms of an Adult withADHD?

An adult with ADHD can continue to have symptoms that affecttheir life daily – making it difficult for them to plan or do focuson a to-do list. Adults with ADHD experience the followingsymptoms:

  • Poor Time Management Skills
  • Difficulty Focusing on a Task
  • Low Frustration Tolerance
  • Trouble Completing or Following ThroughTasks
  • Problems Coping with Stress
  • Hot Temper
  • Impulsiveness
  • Issues with Prioritizing
  • Disorganization
  • Restlessness or Excessive Activity
  • Frequent Mood Swings

While many of these symptoms can happen to almost everyoneduring some point in life, an adult with ADHD will experience thesymptoms above severe enough to where they will become a constantissue in various parts of life whether it be in school,relationships, or jobs. Adults with ADHD will also have thesesymptoms traced back to when they were a child.

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Is There a Natural Treatment That Helps me Focus atHome?

While tips and tricks are great for those who have ADHD,sometimes ADHD symptoms are so overwhelming to try to handle alone.Medication can bring out other issues as well and can often changethe way you behave entirely, including making you feel depressedand more inactive.

The best thing to do is minimize your symptoms without having toworry about negative side effects. There is plenty of evidence thathas been shown that ADHD relates to abnormal brain activity. Inaddition to this, many of our body’s functions that are affected byan upper cervical misalignment can trigger ADHD symptoms.

A misalignment to the upper cervical area of your spine, locatedunderneath the base of your skull, can actually cause your ADHDsymptoms to become overwhelming.

A misalignment to your upper cervical spine can be corrected byan upper cervical adjustment. These adjustments are gentle and veryprecise. What makes this treatment unique from other types ofchiropractic is how it removes any interference from your brainstem.

When your brain stem has pressure placed upon it, due to amisaligned vertebra pressing up against it, it can affect yourmemory, focus, sleep, and emotions. Having a compressed brain stemalso causes your brain to body signals to become distorted andbring about other problems if left untreated.

Many symptoms found in adults with ADHD have been reduced due toundergoing upper cervical adjustments. There are also patients whohave reported improvements in as little as one adjustment.

This is because as soon as the pressure is has taken off yourbrain stem, your brain-to-body communication is restored, allowingyour body’s healing process to begin, and the brain can receiveproper blood flow (oxygen) as the compression is removed. 

Think of it like a water hose: when a water hose is running andsomeone steps on it, it causes the water to stop from flowingproperly.

The same can be said about a vertebra that is pressing upagainst your brain stem: not only does it distort your brain tobody signals, but it affects your blood flow as well.

When the brain does not get proper blood flow, it can bringabout headaches, migraines, and mess with how it functions: memory,focus, etc. 

If you or a loved one is having trouble coping with ADHD at homeand prefer a natural treatment over medication with side effects,upper cervical adjustments can help you improve your symptoms soyou can be more productive at home.

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