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Posted in Head Disorders Health Disodres on Jul 7, 2021

There is a general notion in the public that a child doesn’t belong under the care of a chiropractor. Our Charleston office has been taking care of kids for 15 years with great success. Most health problems that start later in life are the result of a childhood injury that is never corrected. The head-neck junction is vulnerable to injury. Childbirth which sometimes includes vacuum extraction or forceps can cause neck injury during the birth process.

Throughout childhood, there are milestones that can lead to upper cervical spine misalignment. For example, when a child learns to walk on average they fall 250 times a day. Childhood is rife with trauma. Sports, childhood falls, bike accidents, and roughhousing all can lead to a spinal misalignment at the base of the skull.

Recently we had two cases enter our office. One child with severe vertigo came to our Charleston upper cervical health care office with the hopes of feeling better. He had been under traditional chiropractic care and was not responding so the doctor sent the child to our office. We ran the child through our normal objective testing procedures and found that his atlas (C-1) was misaligned relative to the floor of the skull and was producing nerve pressure to the brain stem and spinal nerves. 

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The child received a precise correction with no twisting, popping or pulling. In fact, the correction is completely painless. Most kids say, “that’s it?”  The following two weeks the child’s vertigo subsided, and a few other benefits occurred also. On the child’s 4th visit the mom said,”

We always thought that it was just his normal to have two bowel movements a week. However, since you corrected his atlas he has been having a bowel movement every day.”  Our response to patients who have these unexpected recoveries is, the central nervous system controls ALL function, and therefore if it functions better following an atlas correction anything can possibly improve

The second case is a 3-month-old infant that has had severe colic. Colic is a condition in which young pediatric patients suffer from excess vomiting, sleeplessness, crankiness and are generally not happy. Most infants cry when they are hungry, need to have a bowel movement, or any other time they need something as it is their only form of communication.  

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However excessive crankiness, re-fluxing, and sleeplessness is a sign that something is wrong. The mom, who has been a patient for several years decided to bring the kid in. One correction and the infant is now happy, sleeping, and not re-fluxing. Children respond rapidly because of their spinal misalignment only being present for weeks or months. Adults who come in at age 45 with ten years of chronic health problems are more difficult due to the duration of the dysfunction. 

The premise upon which upper cervical chiropractic rests is the fact that your central nervous system is the seat of control for ALL body functions. It follows that a vertebra in the upper cervical spine can interfere with normal nervous system function if it has been misaligned from its normal range of motion from trauma. 

The upper cervical chiropractor's job is to locate and correct these spinal misalignments, so the patient can naturally recover their health. Precise advanced imaging is used in patients of 8 years and older by using cone-beam computerized tomography (CBCT. )

 Kids are our favorite patients as they recover health much quicker than adults. The upper cervical procedure requires no twisting, popping, or pulling of the neck and therefore is tolerated well by both adults and children. 

We have a Charleston location with two well-trained Upper Cervical Chiropractors who have dedicated their lives to helping people recover their health and maintain it. If you are outside of the Charleston area and are looking for a “chiropractor near me” please call our office and we would be happy to find an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in your area.

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