A Naturally Way to Fix Your Pinched Nerve

Posted in Nerve Disorder on 09/05/2019 00:00 AM

A pinched nerve occurs when there is too much pressure appliedto a nerve and can happen in various places throughout the body.Having a pinched nerve can lead to damage over time if leftuntreated by creating numerous conditions and chronic pain.

With more than 100 unique types of nerve damage, it is stronglyencouraged for a pinched nerve to be treated as soon as it isnoticed to ensure a better chance of a complete recovery. In orderto best treat a pinched nerve, we need to focus on the cause ofpressure applied to your nerve. A pinched nerve chiropractorfocuses on finding the underlying cause of the pressure and usesprecise adjustments to correct the affected area. 


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What Does a Pinched Nerve FeelLike?

Not sure if you have a pinched nerve? The following are the mostcommon signs and symptoms of a pinched nerve. 

  • Pain - You may experience pain in thearea of compression. For example, the wrist, neck, or lowerback.
  • Radiating Pain - The painyou experience starts in one place and travels to another along thenerve path.
  • Numbness or Tingling - A pricklingsensation that is persisting in an area of the body. You may alsofeel as if parts of your body have “fallen asleep” as it is numb,such as the hands and feet.
  • Burning Sensation - Also known as “pinsand needles”. This can be a painful feeling in which you do notwant the area to be touched.
  • Weakness - Muscles mayweaken in the area of the pinched nerve.

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Those who have a pinched nerve may not have all the listedsymptoms and sometimes the symptoms they experience will worsen asthey move in certain ways, such as a turn of the head.


How Does an Upper Cervical Pinched NerveChiropractor Help?

An upper cervical chiropractor is a great pinched nervechiropractor. This is because they study the nervous system andfocus on the brain stem and how it reacts and controls the nervesthroughout your body. Unlike generic chiropractic, an uppercervical pinched nerve chiropractor does not pop or crack any partsof the spine.

Instead, the upper cervical pinched nerve chiropractor makesgentle, precise adjustments to the top two bones of your spinelocated at the base of your skull (these are known as the Atlas andthe Axis).

The brain stem is the most delicate part of our body and has avery significant role in how the body works and continues to takecare of itself. Once there is a misalignment in either of the toptwo bones that compress against the brain stem, which houses allyour nerves, it can pinch your nerves and cause discomfort invarious locations within your body.

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In addition to these misalignments, your body needs to keep thehead level so if one of the top two bones are misaligned, yourentire spine can be affected as it will start to shift and turn tomake the head level again. As your spine changes position, othernerves running through the spine can be pinched in the process.

Once adjustments are made to the cervical area by an uppercervical pinched nerve chiropractor, the spine begins to correctitself to follow the positions of the top two bones. This in turntakes the pressure off the nerves and no longer compressesthem.


How Does a Pinched Nerve Chiropractor CorrectConditions Caused by Nerve Damage?

Depending on how long you have had a pinched nerve, the body maytake more time to heal. When a correction is made to take thepressure off the brain stem, the brain to body communication beginsto return to normal and the body will start a self-healing processby restoring damaged areas.

If the pinched nerve was incredibly severe or has been anongoing issue for years without treatment, the body will requireeven more time to correct the affected area.

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In all actuality, a pinched nerve chiropractor does not correctyour condition caused by nerve damage; instead, your body does thehealing for you while the pinched nerve chiropractor enables yourbody to regulate itself and heal itself effectively.

Once a pinched nerve chiropractor corrects your upper cervicalmisalignment, your brain to body communication will become normaland will help restore and maintain your health. During thisprocess, it is very common for patients who have conditions causedby nerve damage to see improvements in their conditions oreliminate them completely.

Some of the conditions that have responded positively to anupper cervical pinched nerve chiropractor include Carpal Tunnel,Trigeminal Neuralgia, and Fibromyalgia. Those who have Arthritishave also reported relief after seeing a pinched nervechiropractor.


Can Anyone See a Pinched NerveChiropractor?

Healing from a pinched nerve varies from person to person as itdepends on the severity of the pinched nerve, how long you have hada pinched nerve, and how quickly your body will start the repairingprocess after the adjustments.

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Most patients who have seen an upper cervical pinched nervechiropractor have reported improvements as soon as the very firstadjustment and have felt many changes and “shifts” through theirbodies during the first week.

The most rewarding part of seeing a pinched nerve chiropractoris knowing there is no surgery or medication involved and that itencourages a natural healing process.

Even patients who have not seen any improvements after goinginto surgery to correct problems that have developed from theirpinched nerves have noticed significant improvements with an uppercervical pinched nerve chiropractor: This is because surgeryusually corrects the symptoms of their pinched nerve while thecause of the problem persists and continues to worsen overtime.

The upper cervical process is safe for any age as an uppercervical pinched nerve chiropractor uses gentle and preciseadjustments. Upper cervical is also a great option for those whoare looking for a holistically natural alternative that does nottarget the symptoms of your pinched nerve but corrects the cause ofit instead.

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