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It’s flu season and a natural flu treatment can help make sure your body is ready. While symptoms are a natural way of our body telling us something is wrong, they are also our defense mechanism against the virus.

For those looking for effective flu treatment, keep in mind how and why your body responds the way it does to ensure the flu treatment you use allows your body to fight off the virus successfully.

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Common symptoms of the flu such as nasal discharge, swollen glands, and fever are signs your immune system is doing what it can do to rid your body of the bug. When it comes to having a fever, for example, your body’s temperature rises to kill off certain bacteria or viruses.

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Nasal discharge is mucus that comes out of your nose and your body will produce extra mucus to help trap the virus to keep it from entering the body. Swollen glands also have a purpose and function as a filter that traps viruses as well.

All of these symptoms are how your body responds to the virus to make sure it can fight it off. In order to fight off a virus successfully, however, your immune system and brain to body communication need to be healthy.

If your brain to body communication is distorted, this will affect your immune system and how your body responds to viruses. Keep in mind these symptoms are good to help keep your body healthy as these are your body’s natural way of responding; so using medications to mask or hide these symptoms will not fix what is causing them. 

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How to Keep a Healthy Immune System for Fighting the Flu

Your immune system is your greatest line of defense against the flu and other viruses. This means the best flu treatment is one that keeps your immune system strong and healthy.

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Your body makes proteins called antibodies. These antibodies destroy foreign or abnormal cells that enter your body including ones that cause the flu. In order to keep a healthy immune system, it is important to eat well, get good sleep, exercise regularly, and try to avoid unnecessary stressors. 

The following are natural ways to help keep your immune system healthy:

1. Don’t smoke

2. Get adequate sleep

3. If you drink alcohol, only consume it in moderation

4. Exercise regularly

5. Eat a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables

6. Minimize stress

7. Take proper steps in avoiding infection such as frequent hand washing

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However, sometimes keeping a healthy immune system can prove more difficult than expected because of an upper cervical misalignment – a misalignment that occurs in your neck area located right under the base of the skull.


Why is an Upper Cervical Misalignment Bad for the Immune System?

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In order to fight off the flu effectively, your immune system needs to be working properly. Even those who may live a very active and healthy lifestyle can suffer from a poor immune system due to an upper cervical misalignment.

Sometimes the upper cervical misalignment can cause the immune system to suffer gradually over time or cause complications suddenly. This all depends on the cause of the misalignment: an upper cervical misalignment may occur from an injury, poor posture habits, heavy lifting, or the natural process of aging.

But what does the misalignment actually do to your immune system and why is this important when looking for an effective flu treatment?

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The upper cervical area of your spine protects your brain stem. When one or two of your vertebrae in this area shifts out of alignment, the vertebrae can press up against your brain stem.

This compression causes your brain to body communication to suffer by distorting signals transferred back and forth or creating an absence of certain signals altogether.

These distorted signals cause confusion in your body and affect how it reacts to foreign invaders. Sometimes, in more severe cases, the body can begin attacking itself – known as an autoimmune disease.

This is when it confuses healthy cells as a threat. An upper cervical misalignment has the ability to cause autoimmune disease because of the brain stem being harmed.

When it comes to fighting off the flu, a misalignment to your upper cervical spine can make it so the body does not respond as it should or does not attack the virus as it enters the body accurately.


How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Helps Your Immune System in Fighting the Flu

Upper cervical chiropractic focuses on the health of your brain stem as a healthy brain stem allows your immune system to be the best it can be.

The reason why upper cervical chiropractic adjustments are an effective flu treatment is because of the focus on making sure your brain stem is functioning properly – which allows your system to fight the flu appropriately.

During an upper cervical flu treatment, the chiropractor will make small, gentle adjustments to your upper cervical spine. Unlike general chiropractic, these are very precise and have no “cracking” involved.

Once your upper cervical spine is aligned, the brain stem is no longer compressed and your brain to body communication begins to send out proper signals for your body to begin its natural healing process.

This proper communication tells your body when a virus is present and how to effectively counter it quickly. When communication is distorted, the body may react slower than usual or end up not effectively reacting at all.

The main goal of an upper cervical chiropractor is to restore the health of your brain stem so your immune system can function properly. Many patients are able to fight off the flu due to upper cervical flu treatments.

Not only does your immune system improve or stay healthy and strong from upper cervical adjustments, but it’s a natural flu treatment that is safe for any age that helps your body target the virus head-on.

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