¿Puede el cuidado cervical superior cambiar las curvas anormales de la columna vertebral?

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Can Upper Cervical Care Change Abnormal Spine Curves?

Abnormal spine curves can cause a person to have limited mobility and make it difficult to perform everyday tasks or take part in certain activities. There are three main types of abnormal spine curves called lordosis, kyphosis, and scoliosis.

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Lordosis, also known as swayback, is when the lower area of the spine curves significantly inward. Kyphosis is an abnormally rounded upper back that is more than 50 degrees of curvature. For scoliosis, this is when a person’s spine has a sideways curve often in the shape of an S or a C.

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Abnormal spine curves can affect a person’s health tremendously and should not be ignored if one is experiencing discomfort with their spine.

Difference Between Abnormal Spine Curves and Text Neck

Abnormal spine curves are not to be confused with text neck. Text neck is a result from looking down too often at a cell phone, tablet, or any other device for long periods of time. Symptoms of text neck include a shock-like pain, numbness, weakness, pins-and-needles, or a tingling sensation from your neck that can travel through your shoulder, arm, or hand.

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It can also cause jaw pain, forward head posture or rounded shoulders, headaches, loss of mobility from tightness, and increased pain when you flex the neck forward into the same position that caused the text neck issue.

Abnormal spine curves are a result from neuromuscular conditions, birth defects that affect bone development in the spine, or from injuries or infections of the spine.

Why Do Abnormal Spine Curves Affect My Health?

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The spine supports your body’s central support structure and protects your spinal cord. The nerves within the spinal cord connect your brain to the rest of your entire body, enabling it to function and send signals back and forth.

When the spine is injured in any way, the body can misinterpret these signals and cause many different types of health conditions.

Your body, in order to remain healthy, needs to have proper brain to body communication to receive accurate signals and provide proper reactions.

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The reason abnormal spine curves have a huge impact on your health is because of improper brain to body communication from a compressed brain stem and from multiple misalignments compressing against various areas on your spinal cord that cause pain and improper bodily functions.

What is the Most Common Abnormal Spine Curve Symptom?

The most common abnormal spine curve symptom depends on the type of abnormal spine curve they have. Symptoms for lordosis is back pain and discomfort with problems moving certain ways, while a person with kyphosis can experience fatigue in their back or legs.

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With scoliosis, the person is seen to have uneven shoulders or an uneven waist.

Can Abnormal Spine Curves be Treated by a Neck Adjustment?

While abnormal spine curves can be a result of a health issue within the spine, an upper cervical neck adjustment has been known to improve a person’s abnormal spine curve condition. These neck adjustments are made by upper cervical chiropractors and, unlike general chiropractic, they are very precise and gentle.

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The upper cervical area of your spine is also the most important part of the spine. Your entire spine follows the flow of your top two upper cervical bones and if one or both bones are misaligned, it can cause complications throughout the entire spine.

What is the Best Chiropractic Technique for Abnormal Spine Curves?

The best chiropractic technique for abnormal spine curves is upper cervical adjustments. When your upper cervical spine is corrected, meaning the top two bones located just beneath your skull, the rest of your spine will begin to adjust with them.

These two bones are also the only bones of your spine that cannot adjust themselves, which makes it extremely important that they are cared for.

Any accident or injury that affects these two bones can cause many complications throughout your body without you even knowing. When one is misaligned, it applies pressure to your brain stem and limits your body’s ability to heal and fight off disease.

Some of the symptoms that can come from an upper cervical misalignment include high blood pressure, migraines, nerve damage, and breathing difficulties just to name a few.

When an upper cervical misalignment is corrected, the body is able to return back to normal function and help improve your overall spine health.

Can Chiropractic Offer Abnormal Spine Curves Treatment?

A specific type of chiropractic can help abnormal spine curves. General chiropractic may focus on multiple areas of the spine, whereas upper cervical chiropractic focuses on your upper cervical area that protects the brain stem and helps align the rest of your spine.

While upper cervical chiropractic is not a cure for abnormal spine curves, it has the ability to improve the current condition significantly.

For some patients that were told by other doctors that they would need surgery for their abnormal spine curves, case studies have shown upper cervical adjustments have improved the abnormal spine curve condition to a point where surgery was no longer needed.

Trauma during birth could also be a cause of abnormal spine curves, as the neck area could have been injured during the child’s birthing process. Most infants are never checked to see if they have a healthy spine, so misalignments that compress on their brain stem or along their spinal cord never get fix and worsen over time.

The outcome of a patient’s abnormal spine curve treatment all depends on their system and how long they have had the misalignment. The good news is even patients who have had medication and surgery still saw an improvement in their health after upper cervical treatments.

Chiropractic Abnormal Spine Curves Specialist Near Me

If you believe you may suffer from an abnormal spine curve, an upper cervical specialist can help. By using imaging tests and going over a physical examination, an upper cervical chiropractor can help determine if you are suffering from an abnormal spine curve and see if the neck poses an issue for it.

Upper cervical adjustments are gentle, precise, and great for any age as it is a natural way to help improve your body’s current condition.

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