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Corrective Spinal Care

Corrective Spinal Care

In healthcare, there are established normal values for many things. For example, there is a normal for blood pressure, temperature, cholesterol, and vision. Likewise, there are established normal values for the spine and nerve system.

At Charleston Upper Cervical, we are looking for a significant three dimensional misalignment in the upper cervical spine. When this happens, the head shifts away from normal and level causing the entire rest of the spine to misalign to compensate. The body will contort the whole spine, twisting and shifting the neck, shoulders, low back, and hips in order to keep the head on straight.

This Upper Cervical displacement causes many musculoskeletal problems such as lower neck and upper back pain, TMJ issues, sciatica, knee pain, and low back pain. It also explains why many other treatment Options fail or must be repeated over and over again.

Our approach, Upper Cervical Care, uses specific precise measurements and instruments to find exactly how your head and neck have misaligned. From this, we design specific adjustments to correct the Upper Cervical spine back to normal. This allows the entire spine to return to its normal optimal structure. Occasionally, as the Upper Cervical problem is addressed, additional spinal corrections in the neck and low back are necessary. This approach known as Corrective Spinal Care facilitates the process of returning the entire spine towards its normal optimal structure. Knowing when and where to make specific adjustments and more importantly when and where NOT to apply forces, is what makes this work corrective in nature rather than just temporary symptom treatment. This is the key to why Upper Cervical Care is so efficient and successful.

Important note: Just because your pain and symptoms aren’t in your upper neck does not mean that the problem is not there. We find most spine problems and their symptoms are ultimately a problem that originated in the upper neck because it is the most vulnerable area of the spine to trauma regardless of where the damaging forces may have entered the spine. This Primary condition called an Upper Cervical Subluxation is our practice focus and the foundation of Corrective Spinal Care. An Upper Cervical Subluxation often leads to one or more of a variety of Secondary Conditions or symptoms.

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